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The Weird & Wonderful World of Self Storage Part 1

Low Cost, Secure Student Domestic & Business Storage Units, Flexible Terms, Range of Sizes, Jarrow & North Shields Apart from the more mundane [yet practical] uses we find for self storage, there some extremely interesting items chilling in storage units. Popular shows about the contents of self storage units and containers have awoken people’s interest […]

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Storage for Everybody

Low Cost, Secure Domestic, Business & Student Storage Units, Flexible Terms, Range of Sizes Although there are three main categories of customers who hire self storage containers and units, there are a vast list of diverse reasons for renting these spaces. We acknowledge the three groups as domestic, business and student which gives a rough […]

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A Wise Move

Low Cost, Temporary Storage for House Moves, Flexible Terms, Range of Sizes, Short or Long Term Rental Moving house as most people agree, can be particularly stressful, and that’s even if you have found the home of your dreams, and all goes to plan! Sometimes in life, there are hold ups, especially where the dreaded […]

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Get Motivated for Moving Day

Safe, Secure & Dry Household, Business & Student Storage, Storage Containers with 24 Hour Access If you are due to move house, you may be feeling a little stressed as the big day approaches, after all things do go wrong occasionally! Although it doesn’t have to be a worrying time, as it’s all in the […]

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Storage Dilemmas

Low Cost, Secure Student Storage Units, Flexible Terms, Range of Sizes, Short or Long Term Rental We understand that for students certain times of the year are more stressful than others, usually just when you don’t need any extra stress. When nearing the end of the year, there are a thousand and one things to […]

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Welcome to Our New Website

Self Storage Containers & Units, Business Storage, Home Storage, Student Storage, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Did you know that China introduced self storage units as long as 6000 years ago? Self storage is as viable and popular now as it was then, which is why we welcome you to our new Cubic Storage website. Storage units solve a […]

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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