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Storage Dilemmas

Low Cost, Secure Student Storage Units, Flexible Terms, Range of Sizes, Short or Long Term Rental

We understand that for students certain times of the year are more stressful than others, usually just when you don’t need any extra stress. When nearing the end of the year, there are a thousand and one things to think about like what to wear to the end of year ball, which parties to attend, where to spend the holidays, oh and of course there’s the odd exam!

There is one dilemma we can help with here a Cubic Storage, and that’s where to leave your belongings so that they are safe and undamaged. We have a range of storage units and containers in the North East, perfect for keeping your things undisturbed, until you need them.

Finished College

Perhaps you have finished college, and are returning home after enjoying a summer break. We offer a convenient and affordable place to store possessions and valuables, fully protected by state of the art security features.

Sharing Digs

Sometimes students are sharing digs with others, that can be pretty compact, meaning not a lot of space for ‘things’. Also if you go away and your flatmate has guests over regularly, do you know your stuff is safe? This can be frustrating, and cause battles, which is why a cheap storage unit is an ideal option.

Sports Equipment

It’s surprising how belongings can accumulate when in college or university, if for instance you wish to get involved in social activities like sports and outdoor pursuits. These can require the purchase of equipment that take up space. So again, Self Storage is the answer!

Cheap & Convenient

You will want a fast, low cost storage solution, available all year round that you can access when you need to. Some students even share a storage unit for things they don’t use on a daily basis, to lower the price even more.

Call us for information on what we offer on 07531 435637.

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