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cubic storageMore and more people are realising what a good solution self storage is where there’s a lack of space. There are a multitude of reasons for needing somewhere to store items, here are a few:-

Moving Home

We’ve all heard about ,or experienced, the dreaded property chain when moving house, the cause of much stress. Where there are hold ups beyond your control, but you need to move out pronto, simply temporarily hire a self storage container. Your belongings will be safe and secure until you need them, and most companies offer a flexible solution. If you’re eager to downsize and find the perfect place but have too much furniture etc, store it until you have time to sell.

Need More Space at Home

It’s always hard to throw belongings away and declutter, even a determined clear out ends up with most things being put back. We keep things in case they are needed in the future, or we plan on passing them on eventually. Maybe good quality items are to be given to the kids for their first house. But where to store them in the meantime? Again self storage is the favourite choice for many.

Home Improvements

Renovations or extensions etc cause a lot of dust and debris to circulate, there are also many ways for things to get damaged during the work. Keep your sofas and other belongings pristine in a self storage unit.

Keeping Tools Safe

Tools are expensive and difficult to quickly replace should they be stolen, meaning lost work opportunities if you’re a tradesman. Thousands of vans, garages and sheds are broken into in the UK every year, and many valuables taken. Self storage ensures that your tools and equipment will be secure and safe until you need them.

These are just a few examples of self storage advantages, Cubic Storage always put the customer first, with a flexible affordable service in Tyne & Wear. Contact us on 07531 435637


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