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The [not so] Humble Storage Container

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Self storage containers are being used for all kinds of things these days, some of which will leave you open mouthed! Modifying or re-purposing items intended for one use in order to fulfil a different function is a big trend nowadays and self storage units and containers are no exception. Here are some of the ideas people have come up with:-

Affordable Homes

Structurally sound, dry and inexpensive, shipping containers are increasingly being recognised as substitute housing. They are fairly portable, so easy to set up wherever needed, and can be tailored as desired. These metal boxes are favoured by those wishing to decrease their environmental impact. From luxury homes to temporary solutions for the homeless, storage containers are used world wide as unique, robust abode options.


We often think of storage containers as purely somewhere to store excess belongings, but in some undeveloped parts of the world they are being used as schools. With the addition of windows, air conditioning or heating, these low cost spaces are ideal where traditional school buildings are not possible. In fact they are sometimes used in countries like the UK as additional annexes or ‘add ons’.

Pop up Shops, Cafés and Restaurants

All kinds of businesses like shops, bars, cafés, art galleries and even theatres now use storage containers as temporary pop up facilities. This is an extremely modern concept and one that works well for everyone. Combinations of multiple containers are also being used as more permanent solutions.

These are just a few of the ways that storage containers are solving modern day issues, other uses include sheds, natural disaster shelters, home offices, garden nurseries, garages and as hobby spaces such as dark rooms. At Cubic Storage though, we recommend more traditional storage uses, check out our website to see what we offer.


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