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Why Do Businesses in Ponteland Need Self Storage?

Business Self StorageSelf Storage for Growing Businesses

Many parts of Tyne & Wear such as Ponteland, are thriving, especially where the areas entrepreneurs are concerned. There are many opportunities for both new and established businesses in this part of the UK. One of the most significant services available to help businesses to flourish is the self storage industry. The role played by self storage particularly for new businesses is sometimes underestimated. One of the biggest issues that newly forming companies face is lack of space. Where to store goods, packaging materials and documentation is a constant dilemma, but one for which self storage provides a solution.

Self storage has really taken off in that last few years, especially with problems caused by the pandemic. Restaurants for instance are still required to adhere to social distancing rules, meaning they have had to thin out their seating. Many storage containers and units currently contain tables, chairs and other items, until needed again by these establishments. So how can businesses benefit from self storage?

Stock & Inventory Storage, in Ponteland

Cost is a big factor for businesses especially start ups, but renting premises can be extremely expensive. Most self storage companies like Cubic Storage offer a flexible service, very handy for a growing concern. You can hire a large unit or downsize during quieter periods, so that you aren’t paying for space you don’t need. You can normally access your self storage unit whenever you please, and security measures are guaranteed.

You also won’t be paying for prime office space in an expensive complex, and you can gain your key immediately and get on with the important stuff.

Storage of Equipment & Tools

Contractors and freelancers often have a lot of expensive equipment and tools, including camera equipment and promotional materials etc. Self storage facilities offer round the clock security for these valuable items. Tradespeople in particular are plagued by senseless theft from vans, garages and even their homes. Police advise not to leave expensive items in vans overnight, although moving them all the time is inconvenient, especially after a long day! The loss of equipment is frustrating and can severely disrupt business. Creating a good, reliable impression with customers is difficult enough, without having to delay projects.

Self storage offers peace of mind that power tools, machinery and pieces of equipment are protected. This usually involves high perimeter fences, CCTV and state of the art locking systems.

Document Storage & Freeing Up Office Space, Ponteland

In the digital age, document storage may seem a little dated, but there are many businesses who still rely on a paper trail. There are various reasons for this, and having something to fall back on should the computer fail is just one. Paperwork can take up quite a bit of space though, so it pays to hire a storage container or unit. Self storage keeps your documentation safe and secure, even where private data is recorded. These units and containers play a part in freeing up space in the office or home.

Many people use self storage for storing products that they make or sell on sites like eBay or Etsy. As they work predominantly from home, a storage unit is an ideal place for this, particularly considering the 24/7 access offered. Contact Cubic Storage now on 07531 435637 to find out about our excellent range of self storage options.



Why Do Businesses in Ponteland Need Self Storage, Self Storage for Growing Businesses. Storage of Equipment, Document Storage & Freeing Up Office Space, Ponteland. Document Storage & Freeing Up Office Space, Ponteland

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