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Self Storage Units for New Businesses in Blaydon

self storageSelf Storage does not only offer a convenient solution to dilemmas like where to store belongings, it has helped to change lives. Self storage units and containers feature in some of the most inspirational stories around. An article in the Manchester Evening News, tells of Stockport entrepreneur Tom Bell, the name behind ‘SkinnyBooze’. Back in 2013, Tom, a rugby player, launched SkinnyBooze, a brand of low calorie lager. In fact he was one of the first UK distributors of alcohol to focus on keeping the calorie count down.

Said the 28 year old, “After game day, each week the rugby team and I would celebrate by heading to the pub. “Unfortunately, thanks to the hidden calories associated with alcohol, come Monday, all of the training of the previous week was undone and we were all back to square one. “To break this cycle, I researched the market to try and identify a lower calorie alternative. To my surprise, I couldn’t find any suppliers in the UK. “Realising a gap in the market, I began importing alcohol with fewer calories and distributing it throughout the UK.

Commercial & Domestic Storage Container Hire

Before long before Tom and co developed their own range of low calorie [yet full strength] alcohol named SkinnyBrands. This successful business then doubled in size each year, a fact he believes is due to his unusual approach to storage. The SkinnyBooze business originally started life in Tom’s Cheadle garage, but he soon realised he was going to need slightly larger premises. Searching for the ideal place to store the beer was proving almost impossible, until he had a brain wave…..self storage!

Tom realised that these units and containers were clean, affordable, accessible and secure. He would also be able to up-size should the space become too small,[which it did] so he immediately went and hired one. He has never looked back, and now has retail and wholesale customers throughout Europe.

Business & Office Storage for Entrepreneurs in Blaydon

SkinnyBrands outsources to several leading manufacturers, who distribute this outstanding product range across the world. The low calorie alcohol is available as lager or cocktails in stores nationally or online and is still a growing concern. According to the Self Storage Association UK [SSAUK], the UK is in love with self storage. It plays a significant role in a variety of sectors including photography, fashion design, stationary distribution, construction, kitchen design, drone doctors etc.

Figures show that the self storage industry has been on the whole, unaffected by the effects of Covid 19. It has in fact even proved useful in many ways, such as where space has been needed to store excess restaurant furniture. The annual turnover for the self storage industry in 2020 rose to £766 million. Another encouraging statistic tells us that the UK represents 41% of the European self storage market.

Safe, Secure, Dry & Clean Self Storage, 24/7 Access in Blaydon

There are endless reasons for hiring a self storage unit in Blaydon, and our customers constantly surprise us. The majority require somewhere to store possessions where there is, for instance, a hold up when moving home. In this situation, self storage containers relieve the stress associated with this type of relocation problem. Often living arrangements change due to a student returning home, an elderly relative coming to stay or the imminent patter of little feet!

Businesses operating from home are much more frequently seen these days, and self storage allows homes to easily provide extra space. Success in business is extremely exciting, yet storage for stock etc can be an issue. We have a storage solution to suit every customer in a range of sizes and configurations. Give us a call to discuss your needs on 07531 435637

Self Storage Units for New Businesses in Blaydon, Commercial & Domestic Storage Container Hire. Business & Office Storage for Entrepreneurs in Blaydon, Safe, Secure, Dry & Clean Self Storage, 24/7 Access in Blaydon

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